HA Academy

Formerly High Achievers Training Consultancy, we have been unwavering since 1995 in our mission to nurture young individuals and prepare them for the future. This evolution and change marks our increased capacity and ability to shape mindsets and impart essential skills. It is a reaffirmed commitment to our vision to shape and raise the next generation.

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HA Adventure

Outdoor education has an undeniable influence on holistic development. Here at HA Adventure, we recognise its transformative power. Going beyond just imparting skills, our outdoor programmes foster character, values, and instil a self-confidence in youths that prepares them for the diverse challenges of tomorrow.

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HA Launchpad

HA Launchpad proudly leads the way as the first to offer exhilarating camping experiences at KidZania Singapore. Our integrated, immersive programme with KidZania is designed to equip children with 21st-century competencies, preparing them for the challenges of the ever-changing world. With social emotional learning at the heart of our youth development centered camp programmes, children can enjoy a holistic experience combining fun with learning skills and values.

At HA Launchpad, we believe in empowering children to let their dreams take flight, shaping their character and nurturing their potential.

Our Core Values

Learner-centric, Passion for Excellence, Dynamic Relevance, Synergistic Partnership

  • Learner-centric

    Central to all our solutions are the needs of our young learners.

  • Passion for Excellence

    Relentlessly pursuing the best, we constantly refine our processes and craft innovative experiences for today's youth.

  • Dynamic Relevance

    We align our content with the latest educational objectives, workforce demands, and youth culture to stay relevant and relatable.

  • Synergistic Partnerships

    We cultivate lasting relationships through shared goals, collaborations and mutual growth.

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Our Approach

  • Our Approach

    At HA Academy, we prioritise understanding of youth developmental needs and addressing them with relevant strategies.

    Our pedagogical approach to developing impactful learning experiences adopts robust educational frameworks, allowing us to cater to specific demographical needs and your desired learning outcomes. These training solutions are then facilitated by our highly qualified youth development enthusiasts (a.k.a. our trainers).

  • Considering all aspects of a youth’s development, including but not limited to physical, cognitive, social, and emotional areas, and juxtaposing it with their specific environment and situation, our Youth Development Model (YDM) forms the core basis to inform all our programmes and solutions.

  • An education model that decomposes training into three main elements. This ensures every training has the main ingredients. And that each element is systematically tackled and addressed in turn.

  • Experiential learning is an immersive approach where students learn through action and reflection. Key elements include reflection, critical analysis, student initiative, accountability, intellectual and creative engagement, and learning from outcomes, whether they are mistakes or successes.

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Our Trainers

Our Trainers

Our youth development enthusiasts are central to our programmes. Passionate about positively influencing youths, they establish a strong rapport with them, fostering an environment of trust and empowerment.

They are trained to utilise narratives to help students grasp programme concepts and facilitate reflection. Through every learning stage, they transform experiences into profound insights, enabling students to deeply understand and apply their knowledge.

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