In a world constantly evolving, it is crucial that our youths are equipped not just with knowledge, but with the character and values that will guide their decisions and actions. Our workshops focus on instilling these essential traits, providing them with the foundation that they need to face challenges, thrive and make a positive impact in their communities and beyond.

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  • CHARACTER Forming

    1. Foundational Self-Leadership
    2. Start Right
  • CHARACTER Shaping

    1. Discover Your Diamond
    2. Understanding Passions, Shaping Strengths
  • CHARACTER Building

    1. Thinking Back, Looking Forward
    2. Conquering The Final Lap



In today's rapidly changing landscape, 21st-century skills are more crucial than ever. Our workshops are specifically designed to cultivate these essential competencies.. Our aim is to equip the youth with tools and skills that not only serve them today but ensure they thrive in the future.

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  • CHAMPION of Personal Mastery

    1. DISCoveringME in Communication and Career (with profiling tool)
    2. Cyber-Savvy Youth
    3. Power of Habits
    4. Emotional Intelligence and Me
  • CHAMPION of Learning

    1. DISCoveringME Learning (with profiling tool)
    2. Managing My Time and Studies
    3. Managing Knowledge and Content
    4. Foundations of Learning (with profiling tool)
    5. Reign In Your Exams

Outdoor Camps


We see camps as less about the skill sets that students learn, but the mindsets that they internalise. To that end we design and run our camps with multiple platforms of engagements, to bring about the desired outcomes of true learning.

  • Lost in the Wilderness

    Suitable for Upper Secondary
    OLE Outcomes

    Lost in an unfamiliar and challenging landscape, with physical obstacles secondary to internal fears and doubts. Embark on a journey of discovery, challenge and growth.

  • Shipwrecked!

    Suitable for Upper Secondary
    Teambonding and Orientation

    Shipwrecked on a mysterious island, students are forced to compete with one another in a series of games. The prize? Their freedom.

  • SuperHero Academy

    Suitable for Lower Secondary
    OLE Outcomes

    A new school environment can be scary and daunting. But what if it is a school for aspiring heroes …

  • A Hero's Journey

    Suitable for Lower Secondary
    Teambonding and Orientation

    A hero is not about the superpowers that they have, but the values that they embody.

  • Level Up!

    Suitable for Upper Primary
    OLE Outcomes

    Adventure awaits! There are quests to accomplish, loot to be earned, and characters to level up!

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Our training touches the very essence of student leaders, illuminating the mind for visionary thinking, igniting the heart with purpose, and honing skills for transformative leadership. Weaving these dimensions together, we raise leaders with both head and heart, prepared to make meaningful impact in the world.

Leadership Development Approach

Development of student leaders in schools are invariably constrained by the structure of systems, the nature of leadership responsibilities, and the runway that a student has. This developmental trajectory informs our leadership programmes, and is comfortably adaptable to any adopted leadership framework of the school.

  • Understanding Leadership (Leading Self)

    1. Essence Of Leadership

    Basic understanding of leadership for identified potential leaders.

    2. Inspire Your Audience
    Become a confident communicator through enhancing public speaking skills.

  • Enhancing Leadership (Leading Peers)

    1. Making A Difference III

    Extend influence and positive impact into the greater community.

    2. Power of Team & Power of Roles
    Work in teams and to fulfil personal roles and responsibilities.

    3. DISCovering Me: Leadership
    Understand leadership styles, and improve on strengths and weaknesses.

    4. Activity Facilitation
    Develop and conduct activities, lead groups, facilitate learning.

  • Empowering Leadership (Leading Team)

    1. Advancing Leadership Effectiveness

    Intermediate understanding of leadership, growing into the next level of leadership.

    2. DISCovering ME: Team Dynamics
    Flex and lead a team filled with different strengths and working styles.

    3. Hosting Dynamic Discussions
    Facilitate effective discussions with tangible outcomes.

    4. Project Management
    Plan, implement, manage, and evaluate projects.

  • Organisational Leadership (Leading Organisation)

    1. Cutting Edge Leadership
    Advanced understanding of leadership, developing other leaders.

    2. Leaving A Legacy
    Mentoring, establishing culture, and legacy creation.

    3. Power Of Shared Vision
    Crafting, communicating and casting a shared vision.

    4. Innovative Leadership
    Design thinking for solutions.

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Transformational programmes are comprehensive, expansive, and encompassing solutions designed to create breakthroughs during key milestones in a youth’s life.

  • Future-Ready

    Suitable for Sec. 4 & 5

    Most students are lost and without a clear direction of life after secondary school. In this rapidly changing world, they need to leverage on all available pathways and options, to make wise career decisions, and to develop the skills needed to thrive. This would ensure that they have fulfilling and meaningful lives, and become contributing members of society.

  • HA Masterclass

    Suitable for Sec. 4 & 5

    Students today face diverse learning needs, with the largest obstacle often being their mindset influenced by complacency or fear of failure. Lacking in self-awareness of their natural study inclinations impairs their ability to best strategise and to incorporate the necessary study skills into their plans. Answering all these enable students to take charge over their academic studies.

  • Grow to Glow

    Suitable for Pri. 6

    The pressure is mounting for the final year. PSLE would be the biggest challenge ever faced by most students. A comprehensive approach to address the multitude of needs that they have, would be crucial in ensuring that they remain strong and steadfast in this last lap, and lay the foundation for the next leg of their journey.

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