Partnering with KidZania

HA Launchpad believes in nurturing young minds and preparing them for significant transitions like the leap from Kindergarten 2 (K2) to Primary 1 (P1). We understand that this transition can be daunting for children and their families, which is why we've partnered with KidZania. Together, we aim to foster independence and smooth this pivotal journey.

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We recognise the importance of equipping children with essential life skills and confidence, crucial for their success in primary school and beyond. By immersing them in KidZania's interactive environment, we provide hands-on experiences that encourage decision-making, responsibility, and creativity.

Depending on the age group, we have developed tailored programmes focusing on skills we believe are vital for their development. These programmes are designed to meet the unique needs and interests of each child, ensuring they gain valuable experiences that prepare them for the next phase of their education journey.

Through this collaboration, we are committed to supporting each child's individual growth, ensuring they enter primary school with the confidence and readiness to thrive, letting their dreams take flight.

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KidZania Partnership

Our HA Launchpad Facilities

Our establishments complement the KidZania role-play experience in empowering kids as they learn important skills for the future.

At HA Launchpad, we enhance the KidZania experience by offering unique learning opportunities tailored to different developmental stages.

Entrepreneurship Camp

Our Entrepreneurship Camp teaches kids the 3 Vs of Communication and provides them with the chance to pitch and present their work in front of an audience.

STEM University

At our STEM University, kids are engaged in hands-on activities that foster effective communication, critical thinking, and teamwork as they work together to complete various projects.

Our Accommodations

KidZania is proud to introduce its first-ever overnight accommodation facility, a unique feature in the world of KidZania. This facility provides kids with the exclusive opportunity to explore their preferred role-play activities after regular operating hours.

    The accommodation is designed with comfort in mind, offering beds for up to 60 participants, making it an ideal choice for those spending their first night away from home.

    We can also accommodate up to 400 participants in our tented facilities, ensuring a comfortable environment under air-conditioning.

These initiatives are part of our commitment to integrating education and experiential learning seamlessly into the KidZania environment, ensuring that every child leaves with valuable skills and memorable experiences.

Our Trainers

Pre-school Programmes

Why are we doing for pre-schoolers, and what's so special about our programmes?

  • Tiny Mighty Habits

    2D1N overnight

    Cultivating good habits is key to unlocking secret codes in kids. Tiny Mighty Habits transforms simple everyday tasks into fun activities, helping kids to take on personal roles and responsibilities with independence. Through these exciting challenges around KidZania City, kids are brought together to work as a team while levelling up their skills and routines that last a lifetime.

    Learning Outcomes:
    Personal Responsibility, Problem Solving, Teamwork

  • GRADventure

    2D1N overnight

    The leap to primary school may seem big, but it's the start of an exciting adventure! GRADventure is designed to ease this transition, empowering the little graduates with the confidence and essential soft skills for their next chapter. The camp ends with a special performance at KidZania’s Theatre, celebrating their journey and newfound confidence in a memorable ceremony.

    Learning Outcomes:
    Teamwork, Independence, Relationship building, Self-management

  • Dreams Flight

    2D1N overnight

    Welcome aboard Dreams Flight! At this camp, kids take off on a journey to uncover their potential. Onboard Dreams Flight, they will find the courage to dream and enter an immersive world of self-discovery. They will learn about their strengths and how in order to apply them to reach greater heights. What are you waiting for? Buckle up for a life-transforming adventure!.

    Learning Outcomes:
    Creative thinking, Effective communication, Self-discovery

  • Tiny Trailblazers

    Half/Full Day Camp

    Tiny Trailblazers empowers young adventurers with task-based experiences on Sentosa Island! Children use their detective skills to discover hidden clues and unlock exciting mysteries. This journey outside the classroom fosters collaboration, creativity, and essential life skills, making learning an absolute blast. Ignite your imagination and get ready to blaze the trail!.

    Learning Outcomes:
    Critical Thinking, Personal Growth, Teamwork

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the topics covered in the programme?

The Learning Objectives covered in the programmes vary based on the children's age group:

  • For Tiny Trailblazers (K1): Critical Thinking, Personal Growth, and Teamwork.
  • For Tiny Mighty Habits (K1 and K2): Teamwork, Personal Responsibility, and Problem Solving.
  • For GRADventure (K2): Teamwork, Independence, Relationship Building, and Self-Management.
  • For Dreams Flight (K2): Creative Thinking, Self-Discovery, and Effective Communication.

2. What activities will they participate in?

Children can participate in a variety of activities, including making framed clay sculptures, a treasure hunt around KidZania, beach walks around Sentosa, sandcastle building, and more.

Our bespoke programmes are tailored to fit the unique needs and goals of each age-group. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. We work closely with you to determine the desired learning outcomes for the students, and from there, we select from our comprehensive suite of activities to create a customised and enriching experience.

3. Are there any educational materials provided?

Yes, educational materials will be provided. Each child will receive a programme booklet designed like a map, which includes several engaging components:

  • Mini Games: Fun and educational activities to enjoy during downtime.
  • KidZania Map: A detailed map to help children plan and navigate their time at KidZania effectively.
  • Camp Theme Storyline: An engaging storyline to help children better understand and immerse themselves in the camp’s theme.

These materials are designed to enhance their learning experience and make the programme both fun and educational.

4. What are the safety measures in place for the programme?

We prioritise the safety of all participants with the following measures:

  • A 24-hour safety vehicle is on standby for any emergencies.
  • A 24-hour online doctor is available for immediate consultation.
  • Singapore General Hospital (SGH) is just 12 minutes away, ensuring quick access to medical care.
  • Each room complies with fire safety regulations and is approved by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA).
  • First-aiders available onsite.
  • In the event of a fire, we have partnered with KidZania to ensure a coordinated response. All participants will follow KidZania's established fire evacuation procedures to ensure their safety.

5. Is insurance included in the price?

Public Liability insurance is included. Group Personal Accident insurance is available for an additional charge.

6. How do we train our trainers?

Our trainers undergo a rigorous selection process, including one round of interviews and comprehensive in-house training programmes. They are registered with the Ministry of Education (MOE). 

Our trainers specialise in workshop facilitation and adventure camp leadership, bringing a wealth of expertise and experience to their roles. They are categorised into different levels of leadership:

Level 1: Proficient in group management and experience facilitation.

Level 2: Skilled in transferring learning, contextualising activities, and conducting effective debriefs.

Level 3: Experienced in leading teams on the ground and managing client relationships.

7. Where is the programme held?

The programme location varies depending on the students' age and the activities planned. 

  • For day programmes, activities will primarily take place around KidZania and Sentosa. 
  • For overnight programmes, daytime activities will also be centred around KidZania and Sentosa. After 6pm, KidZania is closed to the public and children will have exclusive access to the venue for a memorable overnight experience.

Meeting location will also be sent to you a few days before the actual programme date.

8. What are the programme operating hours?

The operating hours vary depending on the specific programme chosen for the children.

Typically, for day programmes, the sessions are structured to provide optimal play and learning ratios, running from 9am to 12pm.

Overnight programmes usually begin at 2pm on day one and conclude at 10am the following day to ensure an immersive and enriching experience.

9. Is transportation provided to / from KidZania?

Transportation (to and from KidZania) is not included in the programme.

Schools are encouraged to organise private shuttle buses or utilise public transport for your convenience.

Alternatively, parents can drop off your children directly at KidZania.

10. How should parents prepare children for the programme?

Parents can help prepare their children for the programme by ensuring they bring along the following essentials:

  • Comfortable Clothing: Please dress your child in comfortable, weather-appropriate attire suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Personal Items: Remember to pack a water bottle, hat, sunscreen, rain gears, any necessary medications, and a comforting toy.
  • Proper Footwear: Ensure your child wears sturdy, comfortable shoes suitable for walking and participating in various activities.
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Positive Attitude: Encourage your child to approach new experiences with excitement and be ready to make new friends.
  • Inform Staff of Any Special Needs: Please inform our staff of any specific requirements or allergies your child may have, so we can ensure they receive appropriate care.

Upon confirmation, schools will receive a comprehensive communication pack to share with parents. This pack includes a handy packing checklist, a detailed guide on preparing your child for either the overnight camp or day programme, and answers to frequently asked questions tailored to each type of programme. 

11. Can parents visit during the programme?

To foster independence among the children, we kindly request that parents do not visit or be present throughout the programme. 

However, parents are welcome to purchase KidZania tickets on the second day, which allows them to participate in the KidZania role-play activities alongside their child.

12. Are meals or snacks provided during the programme?

For day programmes, meals are not included as sessions typically run from 9am to 12pm, conveniently between breakfast and lunch. However, we can arrange additional meals after the programme upon request, subject to an additional cost.

For overnight programmes, we ensure a comfortable experience with two meals provided: dinner on day one and breakfast on day two, served to both teachers and students.

These meals are sourced from Singapore-registered companies, prepared in accordance with the licensing standards of the Singapore Food Agency (SFA), ensuring a well balanced nutritious diet.

We offer a variety of options including vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, all of which are halal-certified.

Meal times will be eaten in a communal manner at designated times to encourage camaraderie.

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